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The Light beyond the Technology

Light beyond light, more than technology.A company that makes the world beautiful with light that serves as design and
space beyond the convenience of lighting the darkness.
Nurion Co., Ltd.
Light evolving with innovative technology that changes the world.
A company specializing in lighting that creates value beyond light and
beyond technology with technology that changes life as well as light

Next Generation Future-Oriented Lighting Industry to Create Optimal Environment

Nurion is a smart lighting company based on general LED lighting and IOT business and
aims to become one of the pillars of the future lighting
industry through continuous R&D and customer-centered management.

Nurion is still running hard at this moment.

All of our executives and employees will always do their best to realize
your value through active interaction with customers and
to make it happen with customers, and we look forward to your interest

Nurion, The tomorrow's value creators

Nurion continues to grow impressively based on its technology and recognition over the past 17 years.

Trust & Customer Satisfaction

Nurion develops products that meet international quality standards through systematic analysis.
We improve customer satisfaction by passing the high quality standards of overseas customers.

Scientific Product Testing

Nurion conducts scientific tests to improve product quality.
We build strong trust with our customers through the efforts of our employees to make better products.

Nurion's Bright Global Market Network

Strengthen cooperation with local businesses by utilizing networks in Japan, Europe and the Americas. Global company with high reliability through technology partnership with foreign partners


A global partner who creates the best prestige and spatial value. We try to create a residential culture for consumers' decent lives through development that takes into account both the building and the surrounding environment.



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